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GM’s Chevy Volt VS Tesla Motors

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

Meet the Chevy Volt

If you were to walk up to a Chevy Volt in a regular parking lot you might not think of it as a car that could be powered entirely by electrical energy. This is because it has the looks and size of the more popular mass vehicles, and yet beats the hybrids to an amazingly high degree. In fact, some recent headlines explained that many of the new Chevy Volt buyers were people frequently trading in the other mass vehicles such as the Prius.

Most of the consumers questioned said that there were a lot of reasons to turn to the Chevy Volt, but the primary factors had to do with the unbelievable mileage equivalents they could enjoy with the EV (electric vehicle). For instance, the Prius will usually get around 44 mpg while most of the Chevy Volt owners can enjoy around 58 mpg, but this “mileage” must be translated to battery life, and also not exclude the fact that there are zero emissions coming from the car.

Let’s look at that battery life first. When considering the distance that a single full charge of a battery can provide, it is usually going to have to translate to the costs associated with the charging process. Unlike the pricing on gas, however, the owner of an EV such as the Volt is going to be able to rely upon the equipment that the manufacturer provides and which ensures the best charging process possible. For example, the device that charges the vehicle is going to run fault detection protocols to ensure that the outlet is going to deliver the properly grounded supplies into the device. Not many makers have this sort of option, and this is actually a problem that occurred with those who relied on household outlets for vehicles such as the Prius.

The programming equipment can also be triggered to take advantage of any off-peak rates available too. This can translate to a tremendous amount of financial savings because it could actually be said to reduce the “per gallon” price of fuel. For instance, if you use electrical charging during the lowest or “off peak” hours it would be the same thing as finding gasoline at a reduced price for a standard car.

The Volt is also a great communicator and can let the driver remain consistently aware of the level of battery left when using certain equipment or driving in a specific way. This is extremely useful because it prevents the owner from ending up without any energy to operate the car without gas.


Anyone interested in the green driving movement will be likely to have heard about Tesla Motors. This is going to be for a number of reasons, but primarily because it is a company producing sports cars that are entirely powered by electricity. Yes, sports cars. The Tesla Roadster is capable of 288 horsepower, reaching zero to fifty in less than six seconds, and has the lines and sleek looks of the world’s most glamorous sports cars too.

Among the other reasons that Tesla Motors has become such a well-known name is the fact that it was their car known as the Roadster that was selected for the Renew America Roadtrip in 2009. This was a cross country journey that few believed an electric car could manage. This was not without good reason when you consider that most electric vehicles can run for only a limited number of miles without a lengthy recharging process. The recharging equipment can be difficult to find, and has to be especially wired to accommodate the needs of the car.

Tesla Motors had already been thinking well into the future, however, and had designed a vehicle that can be plugged into the same wall outlets as a cell phone, lamp, or other standard electrical device. The charging process requires around four hours to complete and then the car can run for roughly 245 miles before the next recharging is required. Clearly, this was the sort of functionality that would easily get any vehicle across the country in a reasonable amount of time, but the Tesla Motors Roadster also did so without a single harmful emission.

The Tesla vehicles are known for their “zero tailpipe emissions” which means it is among the only electric cars that can deliver sports car performance without also dumping the same harmful chemicals into the air that most high-end vehicles are known for. Instead, the vehicle will “create” only the emissions connected directly to the generation of the electricity that is used to power or charge the batteries. This means that around 50% of standard emissions are reduced simply by relying on one of these electric cars.

The infrastructure necessary to support widespread EV usage is not yet available, but with a design like that in the Tesla Roadster there is really no need to worry about such things. The vehicles can recharge anywhere a standard 120v or 240v outlet is available and will go for more than two hundred miles without any problems.

Tesla Motors (TSLA) Raises addtional $232 Million with a secondary stock offering and private placement.

Monday, July 11th, 2011

Edouard Prous, CTO of EVCARCO Inc. (OTC: EVCA)

Tesla made its name building high-powered, high-priced electric sports cars for the glitterati. The company’s iconic, $109,000 Roadster, introduced in 2008, was never meant for the mass market. Its production run will end at a mere 2,500 cars.

Now, Tesla is leaving its days as a boutique automaker behind. The Palo Alto company, founded in 2003, will make the jump to full-scale production with its next car, the Model S, to be built at the old New United Motor Manufacturing Inc. factory in Fremont. Next year, the company plans to assemble 5,000 of the electric sedans at the plant. In 2013, that number should reach 20,000. The Model S will cost $57,400 to $77,400, depending on the capacity of its battery pack.

By David R. Baker, Chronicle Staff Writer

Complete Article Here: SFGate.com

EVCARCO - A New Kind of Car Company

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The Tazzari ZERO

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

The Tazzari ZERO ( 1st in the world Production ready Italian Electric Car)

  • Motor Electric 15 kW
  • Batteries Li-ion Fe
  • Estimated Range 88 Miles
  • Max Speed NEV per State
  • Acceleration 0-31mph < 5 seconds
  • Weight w/batteries 1200 lb
  • Charging Time 9hrs-full / 6hrs-80%
  • Made in 9hrs-full / 6hrs-80%

Sirius E-Truck

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

Sirius E-Truck ( Local Delivery Truck - Electric)

  • Motor Electric
  • Type Small Delivery Truck
  • Estimated Range up to 40 Miles
  • Max Speed 40 mph
  • Drive train 2 wd
  • GWVR 3,000 lb
  • Transmission Auto
  • Rated Payload 1,100 lb
  • Produced China

Sirius E-Van

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

Sirius E-Van ( Local Delivery Truck - Electric)

  • Motor Electric
  • Type Small Van
  • Estimated Range up to 40 Miles
  • Max Speed 40 mph
  • Drive train 2 wd
  • Capacity 10 people
  • Transmission Auto
  • GWVR 3,000 lb
  • Produced China

Foton LD 1000

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

Foton LD 1000 ( Compressed Natural Gas Delivery Truck - CNG)

  • Motor CNG
  • Type Delivery Truck
  • Estimated Range up to 500 Miles
  • Max Speed 70 mph
  • Drive train 2 x 4
  • GWVR 16,900 lb
  • Transmission Manual / Auto
  • Rated Payload 8,800 lb
  • Produced China

Foton MD 3000

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

Foton MD 3000 ( Compressed Natural Gas Delivery Truck - CNG)

  • Motor CNG
  • Type Delivery Truck
  • Estimated Range up to 500 Miles
  • Max Speed 70 mph
  • Drive train 2 x 4
  • GWVR 30,000 lb
  • Transmission Manual / Auto
  • Rated Payload 15,000 lb
  • Produced China

Foton Commercial Bus

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

Foton Commercial Bus ( Compressed Natural - CNG or Ultra Capacitor)

  • Motor CNG or Electric
  • Type Commercial Bus
  • Horsepower 250hp - 325hp
  • Max Speed 70 mph
  • Peak Torque ISL-G 900 @ 1300rpm
  • GWVR 39,700 lbs
  • Transmission B-400R or Eaton Electric Drive
  • Seating up to 42, forward-facing seats
  • Produced China

Lovol phaser CNG engine

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

Lovol Phaser ( Dedicated Compressed Natural Gas Engine - CNG)

  • Motor Dedicated CNG
  • Horse Power 135hp, 180hp, 210hp
  • Size
  • Torque
  • Produced China

Venta Viper

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

Venta Viper ( All Electric, 4×4, )

  • Motor Electric 5 kW
  • Batteries Li-ion Fe or Lead Acid
  • Estimated Range up to 60 Miles
  • Max Speed 20 mph
  • Drive train 2WD or 4WD w/ lock differ.
  • Weight w/batteries 1000 lb
  • Charging Time 8 hrs-Li / 4 hrs-Lead Acid
  • Safety Steal Roller Cage
  • Final Assembly Texas, USA

Coulomb Charging

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

Coulomb Charging

The leader in networked electric vehicle charging station infrastructure with installations in municipalities, fleets and organizations worldwide.

An advanced, easy-to-use, open-platform infrastructure that delivers electric fuel to plug-in electric vehicles around the globe.


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