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The 20 worst traffic cities in North America goes far beyond Los Angeles

Saturday, July 14th, 2012

Thanks to the modern technology that allows cars to drive using signals bouncing off satellites, we now know more than ever before just how much time we waste in traffic. A new study by the TomTom navigation service says the average driver in America’s largest cities spends 20 percent more time traveling during the rush hour than off-peak — and that aside from the never ending snarl of Los Angeles, several cities on both coasts are seeing their driving time, and heart rates, on the rise.

By measuring the travel times of thousands of drives covering millions of miles in 26 U.S. and Canadian cities, TomTom says it was able to gauge not just how much time drivers in any given city spend in rush hour, but how that flow changes between different times and different days. The results show that the differences among the worst cities aren’t as great as you might think; Los Angeles drivers lose an average of 40 minutes for every hour they spend on the road at peak travel, but in Seattle it’s a still-stressful 35 minutes.

The TomTom North American Congestion Index

2012 Ranking 2011 Ranking % delay from congestion
1. Los Angeles 1 33%
2. Vancouver 2 30%
3. Miami 5 26%
4. Seattle 12 25%
5. Tampa 6 25%
6. San Francisco 9 25%
7. Washington, D.C. 4 24%
8. Houston 18 23%
9. Toronto 3 22%
10. Ottawa, Canada 15 22%
11. Atlanta 11 21%
12. Montreal 7 20%
13. San Diego 17 19%
14. Chicago 19 19%
15. New York 10 17%
16. Calgary, Canada 13 17%
17. Philadelphia 16 17%
18. Dallas-Fort Worth 20 16%
19. Boston 14 16%
20. Baltimore 25 15%

TomTom’s numbers do put some manageable figures to the purgatory of Los Angeles traffic. The average City of Angels resident with a 30-minute commute loses 92 hours a year — nearly four days — to traffic congestion. No city in North America suffers a worse backup in evening commutes, or sees its side roads slow down more under the burden.

Other cities are not that far behind. TomTom’s study also covered Canada, and found that despite smaller populations, its cities were just as traffic-choked, with Vancouver worse than any U.S. city outside Los Angeles. The next four cities on the ranking — Miami, Seattle, Tampa and San Francisco — all suffer similar amounts of delay at rush hour. Only Tampa was not also among the cities with the worst increase in congestion, with Seattle gaining four percentage points of delay time from 2011 to 2012.

The least-congested city in TomTom’s list? Minneapolis, where an hour in a peak commute will add an average of 16 minutes in delays, and where traffic moves at a relatively speedy average of 40 mph. Even with that relative brisk pace, Twin Cities commuters still spend a total of two days a year stuck in traffic. No wonder automakers think people might check Facebook and Twitter from behind the wheel. With that much time to waste, what else can they do?

By Justin Hyde | Motoramic – link

The Third Stone Corporation, Develops Alternative Fuel Locator App - Free Download Now Available

Tuesday, July 10th, 2012

EVCARCO, INC.’s Software Company, The Third Stone Corporation, Develops Alternative Fuel Locator App & is Now Available for Free Download at Apple Store: -Just What the Industry Has Needed-

EVCARCO, Inc. (OTCBB:EVCA) (OTCQB:EVCA) announced on June 15, 2012, Third Stone Software submitted the EVCA ‘Alternative Fuel Locator (AFL) App to the Apple App Store and is now available for free.

TheAFL 1.2 is available for download now here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/alternative-fuel-locator/id535948972?mt=8&ls=1

The app is free of charge and is exactly what the Alternative Fuel industry needs.  The AFL provides station information and routes for the following alternative fuel vehicle types:  Electric Vehicles, Compressed Natural Gas, Biodiesel, LNG, E85, LP and Hydrogen.

The data was obtained from the Department of Energy report

(http://energy.gov/) and will be updated at the App level to ensure users have the latest information.  The next revision will provide more functionality and trip planning capabilities to reduce ‘vehicle range anxiety’.

Gary Easterwood, President and CEO of EVCARCO, remarked, “We think this AFL App will be a game changer.  Can you imagine needing to drive in your electric vehicle with a range of 100 miles from Dallas to Houston, not knowing where charging stations are located along the highway!  The AFL App release is ‘the opening page’ in a new chapter for EVCARCO.  We have begun mapping a new strategy for EVCA that will leverage the synergies and strengths of EVCA and The Third Stone Corporation and explore new opportunities for growth and profitability.  We will keep the investment community informed by sharing our new vision – the future of EVCARCO.  In the coming weeks, we will share our plan via press releases and webinars.”

EVCARCO, Inc. Enters Into an Agreement to Acquire American Rodsmiths

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

FORT WORTH, TX-(Marketwire -07/03/12)- EVCARCO, Inc. (OTCBB: EVCA) (OTCQB: EVCA) announced today that the Company has executed an acquisition agreement to acquire the majority ownership of American Rodsmiths, Inc., a Texas corporation. The transaction is expected to close in July 2012 following both companies completing due diligence.

Walter Speck, Executive Vice President of EVCARCO, stated, “This acquisition is part of our overall vision to add value to EVCARCO. It will allow us to leverage American Rodsmiths’ branding and customer loyalty to solidify our business and marketing plans for rapid growth.”

American Rodsmiths, Inc. (ARS), located in Houston, TX was founded by Robert Scherer in 1997 and is family owned and operated. The company manufactures and sells ARS fishing rods to retailers such as Academy, Bass Pro Shop, Cabela’s, Gander Mountain and Dick’s Sporting Goods. The company also has sales through private tackle shops and direct retail sales. To learn more about American Rodsmiths, Inc., please visit: http://americanrodsmiths.com.

Gary Easterwood, President and CEO of EVCARCO/The Third Stone Corporation, remarked, “I am extremely excited to share the news of our agreement to acquire American Rodsmiths. ARS is a leader in the fishing industry and remains the choice when you want state-of-the-art fishing rods for both salt and freshwater. We have been working behind the scenes with Robert Scherer to not only bring American Rodsmiths into the fold of the new corporation, but also position ARS to introduce revolutionary new products to an even broader audience.

Robert Scherer, President and CEO of American Rodsmiths, commented, “As CEO and founder of ARS, I recognize this merger as a huge opportunity to solidify our future, and accelerate the growth of our brand and products. The merger will help propel us to the forefront and to continue our domination of the premier fishing rod business. ARS has been recognized as the leader in innovation and technologies for over fifteen years in the fishing rod industry, receiving numerous awards and national recognition for our creations and cutting edge designs. The future is unlimited now that we have become a part of EVCA/Third Stone.

“ARS will surely blossom with EVCA/Third Stone’s superior technology, along with its business infrastructure, marketing and financial support. We will now begin manufacturing and releasing new products that have been developed. These products are patent pending and will definitely have a huge impact in the industry. The new products will be at the standard for which ARS is recognized. We will be working diligently in the upcoming months so that we can have these products ready for introduction at the beginning of the upcoming fishing season.

“I speak for all the ARS staff when I say we are extremely excited about ARS’ future and look forward to a long and successful business relationship with EVCA/Third Stone.

For more information on The Third Stone Corporation, Inc., please view: www.thirdstonecorp.com. Shareholder inquiries should be directed to (972) 571-1624.

For more information on EVCARCO, Inc., please view: www.evcarco.com. Shareholder inquiries should be directed to (972) 571-1624.

EVCARCO, Inc. is a Future Driven® Automotive Retail Group focused on deploying a coast-to-coast network of environmentally friendly franchised dealerships, vehicles, technologies and sustainable solutions. EVCARCO is bringing to market the most advanced clean technologies available in plug-in electric, alternative fuel, and pre-owned hybrid vehicles from multiple manufacturers. EVCARCO also owns The Third Stone Corporation, a forward-thinking software provider dedicated to improving and enhancing lives through innovations of software development and data services for sport, financial, home automation and social networking.

Forward-Looking Statement
This release contains forward-looking statements that reflect EVCARCO, Inc. plans and expectations. In this press release and related comments by Company management, words like “expect,” “anticipate,” “estimate,” “forecast,” “objective,” “plan,” “goal” and similar expressions are used to identify forward-looking statements, representing management’s current judgment and expectations about possible future events. Management believes these forward-looking statements and the judgments upon which they are based to be reasonable, but they are not guarantees of future performance and involve numerous known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that may cause the Company’s actual results, performance, achievements or financial position to be materially different from any future results, performance, achievements or financial position expressed or implied by these forward-looking statements.
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