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VW Grille: A Legacy of Greatness

Article by Miranda Restelle

Quality has never been stressed by German automobile manufacturer VW. Taking its roots from the progressive principles of the Nazi regime, VW has produced various lines of vehicles that embodied the high-standard and supremacy of old Germany. Today, in its quest for being the best, VW has endured the test of time and has become the fourth largest automobile manufacturer of passenger cars and Europe’s largest auto-maker. VW is responsible for the sale and service of Audi, Bentley and Lamborghini. Known throughout the entire world for its blue VW logo, the company redefined innovation and efficiency in every vehicle that they have released in the market.

German ingenuity has become a standard in auto making. During World War II, the company started out as a mass production company for the German people. The fuhrer Adolf Hitler commissioned Austrian automotive engineer Ferdinand Porsche to make some changes to his 1931 original design of the VW Type 1, more commonly known as the Beetle. The most patriotic leader wanted a vehicle to suit the needs of the common working man. Keeping this demand in mind, the eager Porsche modified the Beetle with better fuel efficiency, reliability, ease of use and economically efficient repairs and parts. With these changes, VW became the vehicle of choice for the German people and eventually catapulted the company into global automobile leadership.

VW today has become a household name for innovation and efficiency, constantly producing cars that are sleek and unique in the aspect of aesthetics while boasting of economically sensible automobile performance. Patterned after the same principles that made the VW Beetle a global standard, VW has released a remarkable line of automobiles. Among the greats are the VW Golf, California, Polo, Caddy, Rabbit, GTI, Passat sedans and wagons. These brands are the VW global bestsellers mainly because of the valuable efficiency and performance they feature. They can be modified and enhanced with the use of VW parts to suit the need of the consumers.

One of the many accessories that can supplement the automobile is the VW grille. Aside from being a remarkable aesthetic add-on, the VW grille significantly provides an effective optimization of the vehicle’s engine performance. This is enhancement is accomplished by the VW grille as it assists the radiator in cooling the engine. Cool outside air is systematically absorbed by the vehicle by the use of the VW grille. This prevents the engine to break down to due to excessive temperature as the radiator is cooled down by the outside air that is circulated inside the hood. VW grilles are made out of high-durable plastic or metal. This ensures the the grilles withstand the atrocious heat.

It is good to know that there are parts and accessories that VW provides to consumers as many of them increasingly look for the ways to improve the performance of their beloved VW cars. What is more better to know is that these parts, the VW grille for one, are manufactured under the supervision of one of the world’s best.

Miranda Restelle is a freelance writer and car enthusiast. She believes that women should see the beauty and style in cars, as they see the beauty and style in fashion.

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