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How the Electric Vehicle Industry Will Succeed?

How the Electric Vehicle Industry Will Succeed?

We know that energy supplies are limited and that there is a time in the near future when we have to accept reality and transition away from fossil fuel use. This is something that people understand and accept, but which many have not yet taken steps to make a reality. This is why there is still a limited infrastructure meant to support the use of the electric vehicle on a widespread basis.

For example, if you own an electric vehicle you may make a point of finding all of the charging stations available to you in your area or in the places where you travel frequently. If you don’t already own an electric vehicle, on the other hand, you may see a charging station as a novelty or as something very interesting, but not yet essential.

In order for the electric vehicle industry to prosper and succeed we have to start ensuring that the same sort of infrastructure that exists for the gas-powered auto and vehicle industry is in place. That means that we must slowly begin replacing the corner gas station with a corner charging station. It means that property owners will want to consider installing EV charging stations at every parking place or along every curb. This is something that a lot of savvy retailers have already started to do, including the super retail giant known as IKEA and the massive Mall of America facility in Minnesota.

Offering free or low-cost charging stations in places where customers can get some shopping done while the vehicle is re-energized is very clever marketing, but in the future it is going to be essential. Yes, there are already some vehicles that can go for more than 200 miles without recharging their batteries, but the simple fact of the matter is that most vehicles need to get a boost to their batteries each time they stop.

We must also consider how to wean the charging facilities off the less favorable energy options such as coal power plants and use the alternative energy supplies available. In Chicago there have been solar stations functioning since 2009, and the state of Maryland just launched its very first solar tower that features a tracking solar array. This panel follows the sun and delivers 45% more electrical energy each day than the standard stations using fixed panels.

Clearly, we have a long way to go where EV infrastructure is concerned, but it is something that will greatly benefit everyone.

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5 Responses to “How the Electric Vehicle Industry Will Succeed?”

  1. Eco Car Mad says:

    The laws are changing but technology doesn’t seem to have caught up/matched what was expected 10 years ago. If we can keep mini steps towards a nation/country/world full of electric cars AND have a green way of creating that energy, then so be it, but at the moment, electric cars cost way too much for them to be a competitor to gas driven cars.

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