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Can a Solar EV Charging Station Work?

GE EV Solor Charging Station - Carport

You may know that you can have a charging station installed in your home in order to provide your electric vehicle with its “fuel” requirements. You may also know that hundreds of millions of dollars are being spent to rapidly expand the number of public charging station facilities available to those with hybrid and EVs (electric vehicles) as well. Did you also realize that there are solar charging station facilities at work too?

As long ago as 2009, the city of Chicago was not only thinking ahead of things by laying the foundation for a charging station infrastructure for the fleets of hybrid and electric cars that were bound to appear on the city’s streets, but they were also savvy enough to opt for solar powered charging stations too. What is even more interesting about this decision was that they didn’t just use a basic structure but had their installation designed to look like “trees”. The city created their Solar Plug-in Stations in the shape of trees that have solar panels as their canopies. These can power up to two cars at one time and were the creation of Carbon Day Automotive, which operates as part of the ChargePoint Network.

Honda's Solar Charing Station

This system truly operates off of the grid and give the drivers of the electric vehicles the

peace of mind knowing how clean the energy that they are using truly is, but there are also some solar charging station options that work in a similar manner but without the disconnect from the grid. For instance, in Bethesda, Maryland the first solar tracking station was opened in 2011. This is a pole system that uses two panels that track the trajectory of the sun thanks to GPS gear. This gives the pole around 45% more energy than any of the fixed panel systems, but this energy actually goes into the public grid rather than to the vehicles.

Solar Electric Vehicle Charging Parking Lot

Is this acceptable? If you are considering feasibility, it has to include the option for neutrality in terms of cancelling out “dirty” energy. The pole system does access thegrid for its supplies, but it also cancels out this consumption by feeding an equal amount of totally green energy back into the system.

Solar energy is totally capable of charging modern EV battery systems. There are many plans for solar charging systems all around the world, and some are as decorative and independent as those in Chicago while others are still working with public supplies. All of them provide a remarkably affordable alternative to gas, however, and without the harm to the environment.

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